Gears 5: We Discover the Improvements and Exclusive Features on PC with AMD CPU and GPU

Gears 5 in 4K and HDR With AMD Radeon RX 5700 Gpu: Three Months of Xbox Game Pass on Offer

As we could guess by witnessing the announcement of the Gears 5 themed offer on the three-month free Game Pass with the purchase of an AMD CPU or GPU, the partnership between Microsoft and the Sunnyvale technology giant will give way to the authors of The Coalition to benefit from the support of AMD.

Working closely with AMD for the duration of the development of the new chapter of the epic shooter of Gears of War, the boys of The Coalition will be able to take advantage of all the main technologies and advanced features of the Navi architecture of AMD.

Those who decide to explore the open world of Sera by equipping their gaming PC with a Radeon graphics card and a Ryzen processor, in fact, will be able to take advantage of Asynchronous Compute to perform multiple operations at the same time as their own GPU and guarantee themselves, by doing so, a more fluid gaming experience.

No less important will be the support for Multithreaded Command Buffering, a technique that ensures faster traffic from the Ryzen processor to the Radeon graphics card. Furthermore, once launched, users of Gears 5 on PCs with AMD CPUs and GPUs will be able to take advantage of the AMD FidelityFX, a function that will help to make the screen images even sharper and to perceive even the smallest details of the graphics in the areas low contrast.

According to technical director of The Coalition Mike Rayner, the strong relationship between AMD and the software house that dates back to Gears of War 4 will provide extended support for Gears 5 which will result in a higher framerate (with the same system specifications ) and a better optimization compared to previous titles. For every judgment or final consideration on the graphics of Gears 5, we just have to wait until September 10 to watch the launch of the new Microsoft exclusive on PC and Xbox One.