Goodbye Code: Blizzard Expands the Capacity of World of Warcraft Classic Servers

Goodbye Code

The first days of the game didn’t turn out to be very pleasant for users of World of Warcraft Classic, who in addition to the endless waits to enter the servers, they were also forced to make rows to finish the quests.

With a post posted on the official forum, the Kalvax community manager announced the publication of a hotfix aimed at increasing the capacity of the servers. According to what has been stated, the duration of the queues to access the most crowded realms should be significantly reduced, and totally wiped out in the less frequented ones. In any case, Blizzard promised to continue to monitor the situation, should other problems arise.

For the uninitiated, World of Warcraft Classic is a faithful recreation of the original World of Warcraft experience, which offers combat mechanics, original models and authentic talent trees. Also included are the classic 40 character epic raids, such as Ardent Core and Onyxia. The title cannot be purchased individually but is accessible to all players with an active World of Warcraft subscription. The launch, which took place last August 27, proved to be a success judging by the excellent results recorded on Twitch.