League of Legends Besiktas Affaire: Mobbing and New Accusations, Conversations Spring up

League of Legends Besiktas Affaire

A few days ago, a former League of Legends player, Natalie ” Stratospanda ” Kristiansen, accused Beşiktaş, a Turkish sports club, of not paying players’ salaries for months, as well as being mobbed and threatened to buy the silence of the players involved.

Stratospanda had claimed that the players had suffered several payment delays and that many had not yet been paid. BJK would also have threatened to withhold salaries if the players had spoken.

In a new post, Stratospanda provided another update containing further charges against the Besiktas. In the post, the CS: GO player also shared alleged screenshots of conversations that took place with members of the company’s management, in which she was explicitly told that speaking publicly and filing a lawsuit would not “take her anywhere ” and that doing would not ” get the money “.

Another series of screenshots, which show an alleged group chats with members of the BJK management, would imply that he would not have received the three thousand euros due to ” damaging the company “.

The girl then showed a screenshot in which she was offered three thousand euros (already due to the contract) in exchange for a non-disclosure agreement and the removal of incriminating posts for the company.

However, Stratospanda says the BJK has received over eight hundred thousand dollars from outside investors, but it still has a disastrous economic situation and the team has not been able to pay its players.

Other players also joined the crusade. The player Fortnite Rottha said that the Fortnite team is still waiting to be paid. The former Rocket League coach, Ignacio Mendoza, says the team has yet to pay him 2,000 euros.