No Man’s Sky Beyond: A Fan Sets up an Exhibition of Alien Relics!

No Man's Sky Beyond

Thanks to the new construction tools implemented by Hello Games with the Beyond update from No Man’s Sky, a fan of Sean Murray’s sci-fi sandbox has thought of organizing an exhibition of alien relics.

The digital museum created by the Reddit user known as “cwigginsNYC” is still under construction but already includes several artifacts found during the exploration activities of the more exotic alien worlds of NMS Beyond.

To make his work even more suggestive, the author of this unique base has decided to build it on a deserted and atmosphere-free planet: with the hyper-technological totems that surround in a clever play of light the display cases that house the extraterrestrial oddities, the glance offered by the lunar settings of this museum is even more evocative and helps to accentuate the sense of wonder of the viewer.

Waiting to know the exact coordinates of this digital museum, we leave you in the company of our analysis of No Man’s Sky Beyond and in-depth article with all the news between VR multiplayer and gameplay of version 2.0 of the sci-fi blockbuster by Sean Murray. What do you think of this project and, more generally, of the tools for building the bases introduced by Hello Games with the Beyond update of No Man’s Sky? Let us know with a comment.

I love hunting for/collecting the souvenirs from the weirdo planets so I made a little museum to display them. I’m still missing a few. from NoMansSkyTheGame