Pokemon Masters Is Already a Success: First Place in the Ranking in 27 Countries

Pokemon Masters, Home and Sleep: All the News of the May 29 Conference

Pokemon Masters seems destined to be a great success and if a good morning starts in the morning, the future of the game looks decidedly bright, at least considering the data of the first 24 hours of market presence.

Sensor Tower lets you know that Pokemon Masters has already debuted in first place in the rankings of 27 countries, surpassing the results obtained by Pokemon Quest, which debuted in second place in 2018. As for the ranking of apps for revenues, Pokemon Masters occupies the first position in Japan and Hong Kong but not in the United States (twelfth), a market where analysts expect to reach important numbers.

The data indicated also do not take into account the downloads on Android but only the results obtained on the App Store. The new Pokemon game was launched on August 29th as free to play on the App Store and Google Play Store, the acceptance by critics was more than positive, as was the response from the public.

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