Pokémon Masters: The New Trailer Announces Its Arrival on Android and iOS


The wait is finally over and yesterday was the day of the launch of Pokémon Masters, whose release was accompanied by a brief presentation trailer.

The video in question shows us in a few seconds all the main features of the title, which offers players three-on-three battles based on pocket monsters. The players belonging to the same team will also be able to synchronize themselves in order to launch deadly combined attacks, capable of putting their opponents in serious difficulty.

Should you be interested, we remind you that Pokémon Masters can be downloaded completely free of charge from all Apple or Android smartphone owners supported.

Did you know that the first Pokémon Masters limited-time events have already been announced? For those who missed it, the pre-registrations of Pokémon Masters have already registered record numbers and it is likely that in the coming days will be published the first data on the number of game downloads on iOS and Android.