Pokémon Masters: What Are Units and How They Work


Are you a beginner coach of Pokémon Masters, the new free to play title for iOS and Android, and want to find out all the details about the Units? Then you have come to the correct place.

Unity consists of a couple formed by the coach and his own Pokémon. Each of these Units not only has a number of stars that varies from 1 to 5 and indicates their potential, but also a series of statistics that in some ways closely resemble those present also in the titles for portable consoles.

Here are the statistics for each Unit and their description:

  • PS: these are health points or the amount of damage a Pokémon can suffer before being KO’d
  • Attack: this value determines the amount of damage dealt with the various physical attacks
  • Defense: the higher this value is, the greater your Pokémon’s resistance to enemy attacks
  • Special Attack: determines how much damage the special move inflicts
  • Special Defense: Increases the Pokémon’s resistance to special moves
  • Speed: this value has a link with the speed with which the move indicator fills up in battle

Each Unit is also characterized by a role, namely:

  • Attacker: Units with a very high attack and special attack value but with fewer health points
  • Adjutant: it is a sort of tank, with many health points available but a lower attack power
  • Technician: the specialty of this type of Unit consists of the possibility of executing moves capable of applying alterations of state (for example poisoning)

The number of stars that distinguishes a Unit can also be increased, but to do this you will need some rather rare materials and it is, therefore, good to think very well about how and when to perform such an operation.

We also invite you to check out the new Pokémon Masters launch trailer, released yesterday by Nintendo for the official launch. In case you missed it, the arrival of special limited-time Pokémon Masters events has already been announced.