Shenmue: A Hero Is Repeating It on a 45-Euro Chinese Smartwatch!


Impatiently waiting to take on the role of Ryo Hazuki with the release of Shenmue 3, a YouTuber passionate about the Yu Suzuki saga has tried to replay the first chapter of the legendary Shenmue series using a Chinese smartwatch of a few tens of euros: will he succeed in the enterprise?

The hero behind this funambulist experiment is Pul Gasari, a YouTube content creator who wanted to test his Chinese economic smartwatch, the X01S from the Asian company Ourtime, purchased for just $ 50 (at the current exchange rate, about 45 euros).

The demonstration video produced by the Shenmue fan demonstrates how even the humblest of the technological devices currently on the market is able to run a video game in a relatively fluid way that, in the period in which it was born (in November 1999on Dreamcast), it was one of the highest graphic peaks ever reached by the gaming industry up to that time.

Although with all the limitations of the case due to the small screen size and the need to use touchscreen controls, the author of this bizarre project succeeded with the aid of a modified smartwatch version of a Dreamcast emulator for Android mobile systems.

Let us know what you think of this video, but first, we remind you that the next act of the Ys Net action series, Shenmue 3, is destined to land on PS4 and PC on November 19th.