Will Overwatch be launched on Nintendo Switch in October? A document suggests this

Overwatch be launched on Nintendo Switch

There are rumours of the possible arrival of Overwatch on Nintendo Switch for several days. To feed this indiscretion the sighting on Amazon of a cover for the Overwatch-themed hybrid console has been conceived. What’s more, today other information emerged to support this eventuality.

A user has published an alleged internal document of an unspecified retailer on Reddit, which lists all the planned exits from September to November. In the midst of so many well-known titles, Overwatch stands out for Nintendo Switch, whose release would be set for next October 18th. Shortly after publication, the photo was deleted by the Reddit moderators as the author has not proved its validity. Therefore, we advise you to take this information with pliers, since there is no formality in this regard. Fortunately, the document was saved and re-shared on Twitter.

Given the incredible success of Nintendo Switch, in any case, we would not be surprised if Blizzard was really considering the possibility of making a port of his hero-shooter. Several months ago, director Jeff Kaplan also stated that Blizzard was open to the idea of publishing Overwatch on Switch.