Astral Chain: The Designers of Bayonetta and Nier Automata Celebrate the Launch With Two Fan Art

The New Astral Chain Video Shows the Combat System, Exploration and Much More

Platinum Games expert designers Takahisa Taura (Nier Automata) and Mari Shimazaki (Bayonetta 1 and 2) celebrate the warm welcome given to the Astral Chain project by the trade press and the community of action-adventure enthusiasts on Nintendo Switch with two wonderful fans art.

The illustrator Takahisa Taura earned the pages of the Nintendo of America Twitter channel to give us a taste of his abilities and pay tribute to the talents of his Platinum Games colleagues with a drawing dedicated to Lappy, the nice 16-bit mini-game mascot and police station that we will visit with our Legion during the Astral Chain adventure.

Far more audacious is instead the work done by Takahisa Taura, with an attractive Bayonetta intent on complimenting the heroes of the new blockbuster action exclusively on Nintendo Switch. The excellent feedback from the public and critics obtained by the authors of Astral Chain has produced a unanimous chorus of enthusiastic reviews and equally positive comments on the main sites and industry forums, reflecting the work done by Platinum Games in shaping this new Intellectual property.

We, therefore, congratulate the PG designers for their commitment in these fan art and, of course, for the result achieved with the new sci-fi adventure for Nintendo Switch.