Bloodborne, Discovered a New Cut Content: Boss Fight With Master Willem!


Bloodborne is a rich and multifaceted title, packed with content and mysteries that are still causing fans to argue. Exactly as it happens for any game, in any case, even FromSoftware’s masterpiece has undergone numerous reworkings and cuts during development.

The now-famous user Lance McDonald is thus continuing to analyze the game code in an attempt to find all the contents deleted before arrival on the shelves. His latest discovery is sensational: apparently, during the processing, the developers had even developed a boss fight with Master Willem, the rector of the University of Byrgenwerth. During the adventure, he can be met while he is simply sitting in a rocking chair in the moonlight. Normally, it merely indicates the direction to the next boss fight, or Rom, the Dull Spider. However, McDonald found that during development the rector was able to attack the players passing, floating with the chair and then falling to the ground. See for yourself in the attached video at the top of this news.

Among the other contents cut from Bloodborne discovered in the past also include the original version of the Queen of Yarnham and the possibility of cooperating with Father Gascoigne.