Borderlands 2 VR for PlayStation 4: The BAMF DLC Pack Is Coming for Free


Good news for Crypt Hunters and Slayers in possession of Borderlands 2 VR: the game is in fact to receive new content: here are the details.

From the PAX West stage, the Gearbox Software team announced the imminent publication of BAMF (acronym for ” Bad Ass Mega Fun “) DLC Pack, a set of additional content ready to land in Borderlands 2 VR totally free. The Playstation VR version of the game is, in fact, ready to welcome sixteen DLC content taken from Borderlands 2. The development team has not left the players in suspense and has already announced the publication date of the BAMF DLC Pack: the content will be made available starting next September 6th! The wait, therefore, will not be long, but, on the contrary, decidedly short. Happy with this announcement?

However, this is not the only novelty related to the Borderlands universe in Virtual Reality: Gearbox Software has indeed announced Borderlands 2 VR for PC.