Borderlands 3 Endgame: Three Different Options Available, All the Details

Borderlands 3 gameplay videos

Directly from PX West, Gearbox Software has shared a lot of information about its productions, including Borderlands 3, of which the Endgame has been presented.

Once the adventure in the game is over, the Crypt Hunters will be able to choose between different routes. In particular, the software house presented the following three Endgame game options :

  • True Vault Hunter mode: acting like a New Game Plus, this option will allow players to retrace the events of Borderlands 3, maintaining their equipment and facing a higher difficulty level;
  • Mayhem mode: it will include three different difficulty levels ( Mayhem 1, Mayhem 2, Mayhem 3 ), which will make it more difficult to face the game world, in the face of more desirable rewards. This option can only be unlocked after completing the main game campaign.
  • Guardian Rank: this option will allow players to continue to improve their statistics by filling a special experience bar;

From the PAX West stage, three short but special promos dedicated to Borderlands 3 were also broadcast: you can view them at the opening and at the bottom of the news.