Castle Crashers Remastered: The New Video Reveals the Release Period on Switch and PS4

Castle Crashers Remastered

The producers of PlayEveryWare and the American authors of The Behemoth pack a new video of Castle Crashers Remastered to announce the official launch date of the title on Nintendo Switch and fix its release period on PS4.

The film, entirely focused on the additions and improvements made to the original beat’em’up a masterpiece, sets September 17 as the definitive launch date for the Castle Crashers Remaster on Switch.

As for the version intended for PlayStation 4 users, the Behemoth guys inform us that we will have to wait a little longer: the launch of the title on PS4, in fact, should take place “shortly after” the marketing on Switch, and therefore presumably between the end of September and the first half of October.

On both Switch and PS4, the current-gen reissue of Castle Crashers will boast the “Back Off Barbarian” multiplayer mini-game and all the expansions linked to the additional characters. As with any self-respecting remaster, we will also have to expect an increase in texture quality (in this case, five times compared to the original version), netcode optimizations and character animations and, given the arcade nature of the title, a framerate anchored on the 60fps.

The Switch version will allow you to play in a local cooperative on a shared screen using four Joy-Con at the same time, while on PS4 we will be able to see the dynamic change of the LightBar based on the color of your character.