Days Gone: The Skill in Driving in the Middle of Hog Wild, the New Free DLC Challenge

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Bend Studio invites gamers to come back on board their motorcycle, to face the new Days Gone free DLC challenge: here are all the details!

As for several weeks now, the official Twitter account of the software house informs us that a new challenge has been made available within the game. If the latter had placed players in front of a horde of 300 Freakers, the new challenge offers a completely different approach. Named ” Hog Wild “, this will test your piloting skills. On board your trusty motorcycle, you will have to try to reach Pioneer Cemetery as quickly as possible. To achieve an appreciable result, you will have to make wise use of the accelerator, face the curves with the right approach and do not hesitate to explore alternative paths! To have a brief preview of the challenge that awaits you, you can take a look at the video clip that you find attached to the Tweet available at the bottom of this news: ready to get on your motorcycle?

We remind you that Days Gone, developed by the Bend Studio guys, is available exclusively on Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro. In addition to the new challenges, the development team has recently made new bike customizations available.