Dragon Quest XI S: Exploration and Battles in Switch’s Exclusive 2D Mode

Dragon Quest XI S

For players in possession of Nintendo Switch, the wait for Dragon Quest XI has been decidedly long. Fortunately, Square Enix will be widely forgiven by launching an extremely rich edition of the game on the hybrid, which in addition to the letter S in the title will also present the term Definitive Edition.

Dragon Quest XI S will present numerous new features and features , absent in other PC and PlayStation 4 editions, as secondary missions that will take players to the worlds of the Dragon Quest of the past, a new orchestral soundtrack, additional stories related to specific characters and the possibility to choose between HD and 16-bit retro-inspired graphics .

In today’s video, which you can find attached at the top of this news, we can see the latter mode at work, which will undoubtedly make the most nostalgic players happy. Recorded by GameXPlain at PAX West 2019, an event in progress in Seattle, the video shows the JRPG in 2D mode, while exploration phases and lots of fighting in the overworld follow one another. What do you think? Will you play this way, or will you just do a little curiosity test before returning to the original 3D presentation?

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of a Lost Era S – Definitive Edition, we remember, will be launched on September 27th on Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, you can download the free demo from Nintendo eShop, whose progress can be imported into the final version of the game! Furthermore, those who have opted for digital pre-order can already proceed with the pre-download of game data (14.90 GB).