FIFA 20 Demo: The Release Date and the Included Teams Leak Online


While EA Sports continues to maintain the strictest reserve, a promotional image has appeared on the net that seems to reveal the release date and the teams included in the much-awaited FIFA 20 demo.

To publish it, as you can see below, was a user on the sub-Reddit dedicated to the soccer game. Judging by the visible information (some details are obscured, but well understood), the launch would be set for September 12th, while the number of teams included would amount to as many as 10, namely:

  • Liverpool
  • real Madrid
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Manchester City
  • PSG
  • Rome
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Club America
  • LAFC
  • Vissel Kobe

The banner ad also includes an image depicting the digital versions of Raheem Sterling, Jadon Sancho and Eden Hazard in what appears to be an arena of the new Volta mode of FIFA 20, which seems to suggest the presence of the FIFA Street spiritual heir in demo. At the moment, in any case, it is really difficult to say whether it will be possible to test it too or not.

Since this is not an official communication, we invite you to take all the above information with pliers, as they may prove to be untrue. While we await a press release from EA Sports, we remind you that FIFA 20 will be launched on September 27th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in Standard, Champions and Ultimate editions, and on Nintendo Switch in Legacy edition.