Fortnite Is Dying: So Tfue Announces Its Intention to Change

Fortnite: Turner

The most well-known streamer and – after Ninja’s departure – Twitch Turner’s sequel “Tfue” Tenney returned to express his dissatisfaction with Fortnite during a live.

In his live the good Tfue criticized the battle royale of Epic Games, calling it ” junk ” in no uncertain terms, adding that the title is slowly ” dying “.

The ex-boy FaZe Clan, at the center of the scandal that saw him at the center of the summer eSport chronicle, decided to start streaming other games. Earlier this week, Tfue sought help from his social media followers to find players on Minecraft. Other famous Fortnite streamers, for example, have already thrown themselves on World of Warcraft Classic, helping to raise the mind-boggling numbers of Blizzard’s nostalgia operation.

Tfue is just the last Fortnite player to criticize the game after the latest updates. Some have criticized the updates made to the game since the release of the X season, including the addition of BRUTE, a mech that Epic Games has nerfed after protests from the Fortnite pro and casual communities.

Courage, a few days ago, left the Twitch Rivals tournament (and his teammate TimTheTatman) in open controversy with Epic Games’ senseless updates.