Fortnite: The Bruto Mech Has Been Removed From All Playlists in the Game


There is no peace the BRUTO mech, the biggest novelty of Fortnite Battle Royale Season 10

Since it was introduced, the vehicle has caused a lot of balance problems due to its excessive power. After a rather prolonged wait, Epic Games has finally decided to weaken it … too bad that immediately afterward a glitch was discovered that made the players invincible. The trouble is not over yet, as the American software house announced that it had temporarily disabled the BRUTUS from all the Battaglia Reale playlists during the night. In this way, he can safely work on an unspecified problem caused by his crash attack.

When will BRUTUS return? At the moment it is not known, but the developers have promised to constantly update us on the state of the work. Knowing them, it probably won’t be long before the vehicles return to sowing destruction on the island of the Royal Battle. In the meantime, you will have to do without it. Before saying goodbye, we point out that among our pages you will find the guide to Catstrophico time missions and the guide to the Saccatutto missions of Week 5 of Season 10.