Nintendo Direct Coming? According to a Note Insider Is Set for Next Week!

Nintendo Direct

For several weeks, the Community linked to the Kyoto House has been on the move: the widespread hope is that of the announcement of a new Nintendo Direct, set for September.

After the presence of Doug Bowser at the GameStop Managers Conference and the rumors about the arrival of Overwatch on Nintendo Switch, Emily Rogers, note Insider linked to the Nintendo universe, is now adding more fuel to the bonfire of the expectations of gamers. From the ResetEra forum pages, the latter revealed some very interesting information, according to which a Nintendo Direct would actually be more than imminent. In the post that has attracted the attention of users, we can read: ” The date may have changed, so please be kind, but I’m pretty sure it’s set for next week. First week of September“. The Rogers continued, reporting that the focus of the transmission should be the games expected on the platform for the autumn-winter period, between September 2019 and March 2020.

The Emily Rogers forecasts were reported on Twitter by another Note Insider, Sabi, which, however, has not been biased in this respect, if what is reported is correct, the next Nintendo Direct could, therefore, take place on a day between Monday 2 and Sunday 8 September: to verify the actual veracity of this new rumor not we will have to wait a lot!