No Man’s Sky: The Symbol of Dragon Ball Z Recreated in the Game in an Exhilarating Fan Made Video

Sean Murray on No Man's Sky Beyond

Thanks to the extraordinary freedom offered to us by Hello Games in exploring the procedural universe of No Man’s Sky, the content creator known on YouTube as “Wonce” wanted to create a hilarious fan-made a video that recreates the Dragon Ball Z theme with scenes of games taken from NMS.

The Dragon Ball’s Sky project, with its logo that pays homage to the visionary genius of Sean Murray, took about six months of its author’s free time to complete. According to reports from Wonce and the members of the TBSStudios who contributed to the creation of the video, several hours of “field research” culminated in the discovery of the planets with the most suitable color palette for making the background to the different parts of the trailer.

A quick comparison between the fan-made project and the original initials of Dragon Ball Z from 1989 that you find at the bottom of the news highlights all the similarities between the two videos, net of the natural discrepancies due to the impossibility to reproduce characters, creatures and animations similar to those admired in the DBZ introduction. The most obvious example of the difficulties encountered by Wonce is represented by the re-use of the now-famous Sand Worm of the announcement video of No Man’s Sky to “emulate” the sequences starring the Dragon Shenron.

While waiting to read your comments to find out what you think of this fan-made project, we remind you that No Man’s Sky has recently received the free update Beyond on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Here you will find all the information on Beyond news between gameplay multiplayer and VR.

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