Persona: Sony Confirms the Importance of the Atlus Series for PlayStation

Persona 5 Royal: Comparative Video of the New Locations and the Real Tokyo

On Friday, August 30th, the Persona 5 Royal Experience was held in Japan, a special event dedicated to the new version of the JRPG.

The appointment included the transmission, exclusively in Japan, of a stream dedicated to Person 5 Royal. Before the latter started, however, the stage of the event welcomed a series of exceptional guests. As reported on the ResetEra forum, we speak in particular of the following members of Atlus, SEGA, and Sony :

  • Naoto Hiraoka (Atlus Company Director)
  • Kazuhisa Wada (Producer at Atlus)
  • Shigenori Soejima (Character designer at Atlus)
  • Shoji Meguro (Composer at Atlus)
  • Atsushi Morita (Director of Sony Interactive Entertainment)
  • Hideki Okamura (Executive Manager and COO of SEGA)

According to reports, during their speech on the stage of the Persona 5 Royal Experience, the latter expressed their impressions and feelings about Persona 5 Royal and the JRPG saga in general. In this context, the intervention by Atsushi Morita was particularly interesting, taking advantage of the occasion to emphasize the importance of the relationship between the Persona and Playstation brands. Morita has in fact highlighted how the series is not of great importance only for Atlus and SEGA, but also for Sony itself, as the owner of gaming platforms.

While awaiting the launch of Persona 5 Royal, Atlus has already confirmed, in May 2018, that it has begun work on it Persona 6 development. For now, the publication platforms for the JRPG are not known.