PlayStation Plus: What Is the Best Free PS4 Game for September 2019?

Playstation Plus: Rumor and Speculation on Free Games in July 2019

Sony announced the free PS4 games for September 2019  for PlayStation Plus subscribers, available for download from Tuesday 3 September. Next month, service subscribers will be able to download two games for PlayStation 4, namely Batman Arkham Knight and Darksiders III, free of charge. 

In the case of Batman Arkham Knight we are talking about a game that is not very recent (it was released in 2015 ) but still appreciated by the public and critics, while Darksiders 3 is a decidedly fresher product, having been launched last November. 

We ask you: what is the best Instant Game Collection for September 2019 for PS4? Batman Arkham Knight or Darksiders 3? The choice is yours!

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