Pokémon Masters Guide: How to Level up Easily

Pokemon Masters

Grinding is everything in games like Pokémon Masters. No wonder, then, that aspiring coaches are looking for a good way to level up easily to upgrade their Units.

In this guide we will show you a simple way to go up a level, already recognized by the community as one of the most effective: take advantage of training missions and the Auto Battle function, which allows you to send teams into combat, leaving artificial intelligence to the task to control them.

First of all, let us specify that although it is simple, this method is not feasible in the initial stages of the game since it requires a team with an already important level. The training that we recommend, in fact, consists of:

  • Barry and Empoleon (striker)
  • Rosa and Serperior (tank)

First, then, you need to bring Barry’s Piplup to level 30 to make it Prinplup, then level 45 to trigger the evolution in Empoleon. The same is true for Rosa’s Snivy, which must evolve into Service and then Serperior.

Empeleon is a powerful attacker, while Serperior is an extremely effective tank. The first one also has a damage bonus that depends on the fill level of the Moves Bar. Therefore, we advise you to buy all the upgrades to the capacity of the Mosse Bar as soon as you have the opportunity, to make it increase as much as possible. In addition to this, you have to make sure that the tank, Serperior, has a higher level than the other team members. In this way, it will always be the priority target of the enemies and will absorb all their attacks.

Once you’ve set up this formation, all you have to do is activate the Auto-Battle mode and send it to Traning missions (reinforcement, attack, technique, and support). This team is able to complete them very quickly, guaranteeing you in a short time a large number of resources to invest in upgrading. Before saying goodbye, we remind you that among our pages you will also find the guide to the operation of the Units and the guide to Evolutions and Mega Evolutions.