Project Awakening Arise PS4 Demo Classified: What’s New on the Incoming Cygames Game?

Project Awakening

After the sighting of Project Awakening Arise in the Korean rating board, we are again talking about the ambitious Action RPG genre project of the Cygames team.

In fact, within the PEGI ( Pan European Gaming Information ) database, a classification authority, a very interesting reference to the game was found. In particular, on the portal, it is possible to find information on a “Trial Version of Project Awakening Arise“. The extract of the description available shows the following: ” This trial version will allow players to get a taste of the combat and action available in Project Awakening, an action RPG game with photorealistic graphics. In Project Awakening: Arise …“. The reference system indicated in the description corresponds to Playstation 4and the product has been classified as PEGI 16, due to the presence of ” frequent scenes of strong violence “. 

The sighting predictably fueled the hopes of the players who had been intrigued by the Cygames project, presented for the first time in trailers during the Tokyo Game Show 2018. What news about the project is finally coming? To know it, we can’t do anything but wait patiently. During E3 2019, the Producer of Cygames, Takaki, had offered some details on Project Awakening, revealing its open-world nature. On that occasion, referring to when new information would be shared, he had declared: “it may take some time. […] Probably next year “.