Rumor: Sony Has Little to Show at TGS Why It Has Canceled Many Games?

Sony Will Acquire New Studios and Expand Internal Teams for PS5

Sony has recently announced its plans ahead of the Tokyo Game Show 2019 and, as we have already reported, the Japanese company will not hold any conference during the Japanese fair.

For some time now, Sony has been keeping a low profile and relies mostly on the occasional State of Play to communicate the news with the fans, avoiding setting up the most spectacular and pompous shows we had become accustomed to in the past. According to a rumor that emerged in these hours, there would be a precise motivation for this particular behavior held by the Japanese giant.

According to reports by Brian Crescente, founder of well-known video game portals such as Kotaku and Polygon, Sony would have canceled several video games projects that have never been revealed to the public. This caused a certain lack of content to show during the fairs, thus leading to the decision to change its communication strategy. Crescent speaks of “many games” canceled, but unfortunately does not have enough knowledge to be able to spread further details (a user had for example asked if Deep Down, the subject of speculation in recent days, was among the shipwrecked projects ). Obviously this is a rumor with no official confirmation, and as usual we invite you to take the news with due caution.