Star Citizen: The Beta of the Squadron 42 Campaign Postponed for Another 3 Months

Star Citizen Development Problems Due To Poor Money Management

Originally scheduled for the second quarter of 2020, the Squadron 42 Beta, the ambitious campaign within the Star Citizen space simulator, has been postponed once again, as evidenced by the new update published by Cloud Imperium Games on the official blog of the game.

According to reports from the development company headed by Chris Roberts, the Beta version of Squadron 42 has been postponed for 3 months compared to what was initially planned. CIG justified the decision by declaring that it is “a necessary step following the change in the general pace of development, which we expect will generate positive results in the overall delivery and experience of Squadron 42”.

Several users on ResetEra are already expressing their disappointment with the news, since, as we all know, the development of Star Citizen has been punctuated by numerous postponements, so much so as to doubt more than one occasion of the good faith of the developers who today they have raised the beauty of 230 million dollars in a crowdfunding campaign. A further object of controversy was the recent luxury dinner organized by CIG in which a new spaceship of the game was shown in the preview, and to which it was possible to participate by purchasing a ticket sold for the modest sum of $270.