Apex Legends: Respawn Announces the Voidwalker Event, Here’s All the News

Apex Legends

Regardless of the indiscretions and data mining on the new Legends, the boys of Respawn Entertainment announce the imminent opening of Voidwalker, the new event that will affect the battle royale universe of Apex Legends during the month of September.

Based on the information shared by the authors led by Vince Zampella, the Voidwalker event will take place from 3 to 17 September and will involve all Kings Canyon explorers: therefore, no Battle Pass will be required to participate.

The activities that we will perform during Voidwalker will enrich the lore of Respawn’s free shooter and focus on the figure of Wraith, revealing secrets connected to the mysterious past of this Legend. In a way not too dissimilar from what happened with the arrival of Octane, also this time the map of Canyon of the Kings will undergo some important modifications that will cross its most frequented quadrants. The sectors that will undergo these interventions are already marked by flags and signs that confirm the imminent construction of new structures which, it is assumed, will be permanent and will continue to be present on the map even after the conclusion of the September event.

For the duration of Voidwalker, it will be possible to participate in a timed mode called Armed and Dangerous, characterized by the use of his shotguns and sniper rifles. In addition, those who carry out the deployment on the map in this specific mode will notice that the loot boxes will be even more difficult to track. The exclusive challenges linked to the Voidwalker event will allow the acquisition of new skins and new elements to personalize your favorite Legend and related equipment. There will also be the premium packages which, for the price of 1,800 Apex coins, will contain a total of 6 rare items.

After the Voidwalker event, the sci-fi universe of Apex Legends will celebrate Halloween with a new timed activity, or at least that’s what is suggested by the leaks circulating on the net these days.