Apex Legends: The Dataminers Discover the Skills of Blisk, the Legend Connected to Titanfall


The activity of the Apex Legends data miner shows no signs of abating and, after the leaks on heroes like the Immortal Resuscitator or Gibraltar’s Tank Jericho , reveals the name and main skills of one of the Legends that, it is assumed, will be launched during Season 3 of the EA and Respawn battle royale.

Of all the characters that emerged in the recent Apex Legends leaks, Blisk is undoubtedly the most famous : as leader of the Apex Predators, the Blisk commander is a familiar face for all the fans of the Titanfall shooter series, and this without mentioning his appearance in the cinematic trailer that accompanied the launch of the same Apex Legends.

With such a profile, the hypothetical Blisk Legend can only possess specific skills for a mercenary warrior: with Questioning, for example, once an enemy is shot down we should be able to reveal the position of his allies for a total of 10 seconds. Among the other powers of Blisk cited by data miner we find then Throwing Knife , a white weapon that will allow to obtain a credit multiplier once killed a reported enemy, and the Ultimaterepresented by Payday , a skill that will allow the Legend to manufacture of the in-game objects by spending digital credits acquired by knocking down the opponents by Interrogation.

Before leaving you any judgment or further comment on Blisk’s abilities, we remind you that the leaders of Respawn have recently announced Voidwalker , an Apex Legends event dedicated to Wraith to which we will be able to participate from 3 to 17 Septemberon PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.