Battlefield 5: EA DICE apologizes for “the frustrating experience” offered by Chapter 4

Battlefield 5

Through the pages of his official Twitter profile, DICE’s general manager, Oskar Gabrielson, wanted to publicly apologize to the Battlefield 5 community for “the frustrating experience” offered by Chapter 4 of the shooter from Electronic Arts.

“BF Community: I know you are frustrated and disappointed by the experience offered by Chapter 4 of Battlefield V, we are really sorry” , states with a disarming clearness to the manager of EA DICE before stressing that “we are taking a step back (on the publication of unpublished content, ed) to improve the quality of BFV and, consequently, to make the necessary changes to our planned roadmap. We are postponing some contents initially planned for Chapter 4 and we have decided to stop the development of the 5 vs 5 modes to concentrate the forces of our team on the overall experience of Battlefield. It was not an easy decision, but we believe it is the right one that needed to be taken to improve the quality of our game”.

In tackling the thorny issue of post-launch issues of Battlefield 5 and the end of the development challenges of 5-on-5 , Gabrielson concludes his open letter addressed to all the fans of BFV saying that “I hope that the work we have done with Star “Wars Battlefront 2 is a testament to our long-term commitment to our video game community. We will soon be bringing Battlefield V back on track and making it the great shooter you all deserve to play. 

The change of roadmap quoted by the general manager of EA DICE could change the company’s plans for Chapter 5 of Battlefield 5, whose launch is expected this fall: among the promised contents by the Swedish subsidiary of Electronic Arts there should be the highly anticipated entry of the map of Iwo Jima, the beach that served as the theatre for the bloodiest battles of the Second World War’s Pacific War.