Dreams on PS4: New Video for Outpost 60, One of the Most Beautiful Levels Created by the Community


Despite the fact that only a few months have passed since the launch on PS4 of the Early Access version of Dreams, the community of the brilliant Media Molecule sandbox has already shown that it is capable of creating fan-made levels that can rival the most famous productions: this is the case of Outpost 60.

Created by the independent designer and illustrator Brian Taylor, the Outpost 60 project has already received favorable reviews from thousands of users who wanted to try it out by drawing on the boundless treasure trove of digital treasures constituted by the Dreams Mystery. If you are interested in this level and the work of this user, you can use the Dreams internal search module on PS4 to admire the works created by “BrianTaylor60”.

With Outpost 60, the Scottish author wanted to test the editor tools accessible to all Dreams players by shaping from scratch a science fiction setting represented by a space station in orbit around a mysterious alien planet. Despite the only playful activity to be performed in this interactive environment is the simple exploration of the environments, the sci-fi microcosm created by Brian Taylor boasts a graphic section at the limits of photorealism and obsessive attention to detail.