Fortnite: The Bruto Mech Has Been Rehabilitated, but Not in All Modes


24 hours. This is the time Fortnite Royal Battle players have spent without the BRUTO mech, which had been disabled by Epic Games in all modes due to a crash attack problem.

As expected, his absence did not last long. The developers worked hard at solving the criticality, and in the night they reintegrated the powerful vehicle into the Royal Battle of Fortnite, though not in all modes. The BRUTO is indeed back in all the main playlists and the supported Timed Modes, but not in the Competitive. The return to the latter is set for next week, on a date not yet specified.

The return of the mech will return to discuss the community, never so divided. There are those who love to sow destruction by piloting it in the company of a friend, and those who believe it is too powerful, despite the weakening of the BRUTO operated by Epic Games. The balancing problems caused by the vehicle also angered the pro gamer Tfue who, also driven by other reasons, announced the death of Fortnite.

And you, which side are you on?