Maneater: the RPG action that turns us into sharks is shown on video by PAX West


After participating in E3 2019, the authors of Blindside Interactive fly to Seattle to show the public of PAX West the unpublished game scenes of Maneater, the RPG action that promises to turn us into sharks.

Officially presented during the PC Gaming Show of the Los Angeles video game fair, the Maneater project will allow us to panic among the bathers of the most popular summer resorts and coastal cities in the world by taking control of a mighty tiger shark.

The new title of Blindside and Tripwire Interactive will try to recreate the animations of the ocean’s most feared creatures in the most realistic way possible, adding a touch of playful originality to the whole by adopting a real tree of skill.

Each power acquired by the interpreted shark will give access to new hunting techniques and even more lethal strategies: the user will also have the task of customizing the appearance of his predator through an evolution system that will dynamically change the appearance and features of the shark based on the results achieved in each mission. Take a look at the new PAX West gameplay video to get an idea of ​​Maneater’s gaming experience and tell us what you think of this unique role-playing action destined to land on PC over the next few months.

The intention of Tripwire’s top management, just like in the case of the Killing Floor series, is to propose the title in Early Access version on Steam and to obtain, in such a way, the funds and the advice of the community necessary for the subsequent landing of the version 1.0 on PC and, why not, even on consoles.