Marvel’s Avengers Presents Captain America: Trailer and Details on the Combat System


After having presented a Marvel’s Avengers demo about twenty minutes long, the development team offers some interesting details about the character of Captain America.

Square Enix has indeed presented a short trailer entirely dedicated to the character, which you can view directly at the beginning of this news. Inside, we can view a sort of “identity card” of the Avenger and take a look at his fighting techniques. The latter was also the subject of an in-depth examination that appeared in the official Twitter account of Marvel’s Avengers, which published several tweets dedicated to Steve Rogers and his superhero alter ego.

The Tweets shared with the public include a video of about two minutes, which offers a collection of Captain America’s unique moves. The character’s fighting style was also expressed by Vince Napoli, Marvel’s Avengers Lead Combat Designer: ” […] it’s all tied to balance. He has the widest variety of options available to him – something for every scenario. Playing as Cap requires you to read the battlefield and choose the right tool “. The character will, in fact, be able to exploit melee and remote attacks, as well as a system of counterattacks. Mastering Captain America’s abilities will allow players to both face a large number of enemies and face individual opponents face to face.