PS5: Will the PlayStation Nextgen CPU Significantly Reduce Game Development Time?

Zen 2: PS5 Will Be the Most PC-Like Console Ever Existed Thanks to the CPU?

In an interview granted to colleagues at GameRant, BoxFrog Games programmer and designer Tim Ash discussed the potential of PS5 and reported that, according to him, the CPU of the new console from Sony will contribute to an obvious reduction in the timing of development of nextgen games.

During the interview, the developer of the acclaimed sci-fi arcade racing Lost Wingpraised Sony’s choice to equip the future PlayStation with an AMD Zen 2 processor stating that this CPU “eliminates so many restrictions on how many calculations we can do simultaneously and us, as developers, we have really many ideas that are very difficult or even impossible to implement with the Mexican media available from the consoles of this generation, and thanks to the new CPU we can significantly reduce development time, as it will be necessary to dedicate less time for optimization “ .

As explained by Ash, therefore, the PlayStation 5 processor will speed up the development of video games that will land on Sony’s new home platform: if they turn out to be correct, the considerations of the BoxFrog Games author should turn into a PS5 launch lineup particularly rich.

Recently also another developer, namely Lucas Rowe (the author of Sparklite), wanted to deepen the argument by considering how the PS5 and Xbox Scarf SSD should be considered as a secondary factor of the nextgen console hardware: according to Rowe in fact, it would be better to have a GPU with lots of memory.