Sony Removes DriveClub From the Store a Day Earlier Than Expected: Angry Users


As widely announced in March, Sony removed Driveclub, DLC and Driveclub VR from PlayStation Store. As often happens with titles of this type, the cause is to be found in the expiration of the licenses of the numerous brands included.

However, something did not go as planned. According to Sony’s official statement, the removal should have taken place at 00:59 (GMT +2) today 1 September. The Japanese company, however, has decided to speed up and has eliminated more than 24 hours in advance, ie around 18:00 (GMT +2) on Friday, August 30th.

This completely unexpected choice angered the many players who wanted to buy the game in digital format before their final retirement. Many have in fact preferred to wait in the hope that a discount will be applied, which instead has not happened. It is not uncommon for publishers to decide to discount the titles that are about to be removed: it happened recently, for example, with Duck Tales Remastered, which, before saying goodbye to digital platforms, suffered a price cut that allowed it to climb the rankings of sale.

A particularly disappointed user wrote: “I’m a big fan of PlayStation, but I think Sony really exaggerated in this case. People have to know that something like this could happen for every game published by Sony. ” There are also those who went to the store to buy a physical copy, only to discover that all the DLCs had already been removed.

Sony has not yet provided an official explanation for this. Before you say goodbye, we remind you that the definitive closure of the servers is scheduled for April 1st, 2020. Until then it will be possible to play online, use the Club feature and send your own times to the world rankings. The title will never be removed from the collections of the players who purchased it, so they can continue to download it whenever they want.