Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hayabusa Will Be the Next DLC Fighter?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Ninja Gaiden's Ryu

To date, three Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighters have been unveiled: Joker, from Persona 5, the Dragon Quest hero and the Banjo-Kazooie duo. The remaining two fighters destined to join the roster have not yet been presented by Nintendo.

Several rumors have spread about the identity of the fourth new entry, to which is added a further rumor, which would like Ryu Hayabusa ready to debut on the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster. To call into question the character of Ninja Gaiden is the Insider ” IAmShifty “, which states through a video posted on its own YouTube channel to be aware of the identity of the next fighting DLC fighter Nintendo. In the video, which we report at the beginning of this news, the user reports that in the past he correctly anticipated the arrival in the game of the Piranha Plant and that he received news about Ryu Hayabusa from his own reliable sources. According to IAmShifty, the character of Ninja Gaiden will become the fourth of the five fighters expected in Super Smash Bros Ultimate as part of the fighting post-launch support.

As usual, when it comes to rumors, we invite you to remember that this is not official information: to know if IAmShifty has reported truthful advances, we cannot, therefore, do anything but wait for the announcement of the new DLC fighter by Nintendo. The Kyoto House has recently been at the center of other rumors, which indicate that the upcoming Nintendo Direct is imminent and that Overwatch can be added to Nintendo Switch as soon as possible.