Warframe Is Updated: The New Video Reveals Weapons and Abilities of Gauss, the Redeemer of Altra


Ending the Warframe summer event with the Tactical Alert Dog Days, the authors of Digital Extremes return to expand the sci-fi universe of their iconic free multiplayer shooter with confirmation of arrival on PC (and soon on consoles) of Gauss, the Redeemer of Altra.

The double demonstration film prepared by Canadian developers to celebrate the arrival of Gauss and the new Warframe update dedicated to him outlines the contents of this update characterized by the addition of new missions / Tilesets throughout the Solar System, of Challenges unpublished by confront against the Grineers and exclusive rewards to be acquired by participating in the Kuva Fortress Disruption Missions .

Whoever wants to earn 1, 000 Reputation points with any of the 6 Trade Unions of the game, in addition to raids in the Kuva Fortress, will be able to hunt for the Medallion of the Universal Association which is found in all the nodes of the system, except for Mars.

As far as Gauss is concerned, the new Tenno is described as a hero with a supersonic speed that “never stops moving” : in order to keep his name, Gauss will generate a constant electric current deciding to always remain in motion. The current of this skill will help recharge the Speed ​​Indicator and Shields up to 80%.

Gauss’s equipment will also include the exquisite Acceltra rifle, the Akarius pistol, the Mag helmet, and the Syandana Altra. Both Gauss and the new activities of the Il Redentore update by Altra are already available on PC and will soon be available to all Warframe fans on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.