Why Doesn’t PES 2020 Come out on Nintendo Switch? Konami Unclear About It

Pes Mobile: The Celebrations for the Second Anniversary Begin

Despite the incredible success that Nintendo Switch is achieving both in the West and in Japan, there are many series that have not yet arrived on the system. One of these is Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer. PES 2020, in fact, will only be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, avoiding the hybrid for the third consecutive year.

Why? The guys from Real Sports 101 asked Lennart Bonzein, Brand Manager of Pro Evolution Soccer. His answer, however, was rather smoky and not at all explanatory: “I can’t really talk about Switch, all I can say is that I love it. I think it’s a fantastic console and I really enjoy playing it. As a company, Konami takes considering Switch – we released Bomberman last year [actually two years ago], and we’re about to launch Contra. As for PES, the fact that it’s about to come out on three platforms – PS4, Xbox One, and PC – means that it will not be released on Nintendo Switch”.

Bonzein, in essence, provided a non-response. Just like many other insiders, he too was stunned by Nintendo Switch, yet PES has not yet found the path to hybrid. Probably, Konami does not consider the users suitable for this type of games. Moreover, even EA Sports has been forced to downsize its strategy after two regular FIFA chapters, although not at the level of the other versions. This year the Canadian company has decided to publish FIFA 20 on Switch in Legacy Edition or an edition with updated roses but completely devoid of the novelty of gameplay. Electronic Arts, among other things, has already widely admitted to having reduced support for Nintendo Switch, since his games are best sold on other platforms. Does Konami think so too? Impossible to know for sure in the absence of explanatory statements.