Zelda Link’s Awakening for Switch: The New Images Show Us the Animal Village


Through the new game images of Zelda Link’s Awakening given to us by the editors of the official Twitter profile of Nintendo of Japan, the iconic hero of The Legend of Zelda ventures into the hinterland of Koholint Island to chat with the inhabitants of the Animal Village.

Browsing through the new shots, long-time fans of Link’s nintendian epic will certainly notice the strong graphic and artistic similarities with the settings explored in the great Game Boy classic from which this current-gen reissue was taken.

Rather than simply recreating the original adventure, the authors of the team directed by Eiji Aonuma wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to insert elements of innovation and originality into the playful fabric of the original Link’s Awakening. Among the innovations that will affect the work, in addition to the obvious updating of the graphic engine, we mention the modification of the dungeons of the 1993 title, of the movement and combat system, of the progression of equipment and accessibility to the individual missions of history thanks to the introduction of a sort of “travel diary” that will keep track of all the information acquired by our alter-ego.

The other great element of the originality of the new Link’s Awakening will then be that of the dungeon editor, with a series of options that will allow fans to shape their own “castle” of dreams from scratch by placing environmental enigmas and individual rooms at will. , traps, minor enemies and bosses.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening will arrive on September 20th exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Also scheduled for September 20 is the launch of Nintendo Switch Lite, the new strictly portable version of the Kyoto home console.