Bleeding Edge: New Offscreen Gameplay Video for the Ninja Theory Game

Bleeding Edge

The English YouTuber Arekkz Gaming has released an OffScreen gameplay video of Bleeding Edge, the new IP of Ninja Theory arriving in 2020 on Xbox One and Windows PC, probably also on Xbox Scarlett at the console launch.

The game was shown to Gamescom behind closed doors to the press and influencers, Arekkz proposes eleven minutes of OffScreen gameplay focused on the characters of Gizmo and Kulev. Recall that Bleeding Edge is a strongly multiplayer-oriented game with 4v4 battles in huge arenas.

The studio, now owned by Microsoft, has not hidden a certain interest in a single-player mode, however at the moment there is nothing certain in the program and the team has no plans to add a campaign or a Story Mode to Bleeding Edge, which started as a 4v4 multiplayer project.

To find out more, we refer you to the Bleeding Edge test carried out at Gamescom, which ends with these words: “We would hardly bet on the success of Bleeding Edge, but not because the game of Ninja Theory is not pleasant. It is indeed an action game competitive with influences from MOBA that works well and is fun (even if we don’t know if this will happen even in the long run), despite not doing anything so revolutionary and noteworthy.