Borderlands 3: This Is Why Jack IL Bello Will Not Be There

Borderlands 3

It is no mystery that in Borderlands 3 Jack Il Bello will not be present, one of the most beloved characters of the previous episode and main antagonist of Borderlands 2. Jack has never appeared in the promotional trailers of the new game and his absence has been repeatedly confirmed, but what are the reasons behind this choice?

Paul Sage, Game Director of the game, said that initially the studio had plans to introduce Jack Il Bello in Borderlands 3 but then things changed: ” Yes, initially we thought about it, we knew that Jack is one of the most loved characters of Borderlands 2 and everyone would have been happy to see him come back but then we changed our mind. Borderlands 2 actually represents the conclusion of Jack’s story, at least as far as the main games of the series are concerned. the commitment of the players in Borderlands 2. “

Sage makes it clear that he does not expect a return from Jack Il Bello, underlining in any case how this applies ” at least for the main titles of the series “, a statement that leaves possible return scenarios open in case of spin-offs or further prequels.

Recall that the new episode of the series will be released on September 13 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, during the weekend Gearbox has unveiled the first details on events, DLC and post-launch support of Borderlands 3.