Control: According to Remedy, Born to Be “in Continuity” with Alan Wake and Quantum Break

Remedy, Born to Be in Continuity

Control’s chief developer, Mikael Kasurinen, discussed with the colleagues of Video Game Chronicles about the reception received from Control and stated that the playful, narrative and content experience of his new paranormal action is in perfect continuity with what was proposed by Alan Wake and Quantum Break.

Reminding the interviewer that Remedy reacquired Alan Wake’s IP, Kasurinen states that “when we shape a new game universe we take great care of it and always think about what we have done in the past: we don’t simply put them together. We look at all the Remedy games to get an overview and achieve continuity as if our new and old IPs could be considered as something that belongs to a shared universe”.

“I want the community to organize itself to reconstruct the puzzle of the history of our IPs” , added the author of the Finnish software house, reiterating that “I don’t want to tell them what it is, I want them to understand it by themselves. I want the people to have the feeling that it is only up to them to reach their own conclusions, and from this point of view there are many things in Control to put together”.

As for the relationship with the press and the methods are chosen to communicate with its fans over the long development period of Control, Kasurinen reveals that “I realized very quickly that we had to be very careful about what we were saying to the press. I want the game you persecute yourself a little: some of the things you will see will have no meaning at that precise moment but they serve to make you think differently because they will continue to bounce in your head for quite some time”.