Cyberpunk 2077: Have All the Third Person Sequences Been Removed?


According to some rumors reported on the web and partly confirmed on the CD Projekt RED forum, it seems that the Polish studio has removed any third-person element from its new project, so the cutscenes will be entirely subjective as opposed to what was seen in the recent video gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game with a first-person view but at various times it appears (it turned out?) Possible to watch cutscene and sequences in first person, a thread on the CD Projekt RED forum, however, speaks of the desire to ” increase involvement ” as a motivation that it would have led to the removal of the third-person view during the cutscenes, including the sex scenes, as also confirmed on Twitter.

At the moment we have no further details on the matter but the news immediately generated controversy among the community, which says it is surprised by the complete removal of the third-person view, also considering the presence of numerous options for character customization, which according to emerged novelties, however, would never be framed.

We are waiting for updates from the developers, what is reported is leaked from an open topic on the official forum of the company but may not correspond exactly to reality, a CD Projekt RED statement will certainly clarify the situation better.