Fortnite Leak: The Dataminer Confirm the Arrival of the Deadly Zapper Traps

Fortnite Leak

Through FortTory’s social media channels, Fortnite’s ever-informed data miner discovers inactive portions of code that illustrate the operation of the Zapper Trap, a new item of equipment that we should see land on Epic’s free battle royale with the next update.

The information contained in the files hidden in the folds of Fortnite’s latest update of Season 10 describes the Zapper Traps as elements of Epic rarity capable of causing a great deal of damage to the Shields and the Energy of the Royal Battle Island explorers: placing four in a restricted play area, moreover, it should be possible to instantly knock down the victim or, alternatively, destroy the vehicle in the immediate vicinity.

As with any Fortnite Trap, even Zappers can be placed on floors, walls or ceilings, thus avoiding being noticed by opponents: of course, all statistics related to Zappers are subject to change by US developers, too if the specific characteristics and functionalities of the trap in question should not be the subject of particular upheavals.

Waiting to find out if the Zappers will make their entry into the free to play universe of Fortnite with the next update that will take place, presumably, on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 4th, we remind you that the Mech Bruto has been rehabilitated and that, according to the known streamer and pro-player TFUE, Fortnite is dying.