Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Sync Adventure Feature Coming Soon?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

According to some rumors, Niantic Labs is preparing to add the Sync Adventure feature (Adventure Sync) in the Harry Potter Wizards Unite, after successfully introducing it into Pokemon GO last fall.

Thanks to Sincroavventura all the progress related to the steps will be counted even without the need to keep the application open, each step will be correctly recorded even with the app closed and then credited once the game is launched. At the moment Niantic has not confirmed anything about it but some selected players have received an email that talks about the imminent arrival of Synchro-Adventure in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, the launch of this feature should therefore not be too far away.

During the weekend the special event Invasion of the Dragons was held in the first Fan Festival of Harry Potter Wizards Unite, the game of Niantic has achieved in recent weeks a discreet success of public, although not reaching the numbers of Pokemon GO, that three years later the launch is still one of the most successful mobile apps ever, with millions of active players.

For the fall, Niantic is planning much other news for the Harry Potter Wizards Unite, we just have to wait for new information about it.