Luminous Productions: Square Enix Studio Working on a New IP for PS5 and Scarlett

Luminous Productions

The official website of Luminous Productions (internal studio of Square Enix) reports two long interviews with Yosuke Matsuda (president of Square Enix Holdings) and Takeshi Aramaki, head of the studio replacing Hajime Tabata, who left the company at the end of 2018.

The interview shows again what has been said in the past: the study focuses on the production of AAA games for next-gen platforms and it is confirmed that Luminous is working on a new high-budget IP for PlayStation 5 / Xbox Scarlett. The target platforms have not been confirmed and are generally referred to as ” a new AAA Next-Gen IP “.

The creation of original IPs, the two respondents stress, is an important step in the first years of the life of a new company and requires a lot of work in terms of economic investments and creativity. However, this is a fundamental step to give the studio its own identity, not limiting itself to working on already existing sequels or IPs.

According to some rumors, Luminous Productions would be at work on Final Fantasy 16 or on a port of Final Fantasy XV on PlayStation 5, but these are only unconfirmed rumors that are actually rather dated, which may not reflect the current status of the Square Enix company.