Overwatch’s Competitive Season 18 Was Postponed Due to a Serious Matchmaking Bug


The developers of Overwatch, in the person of Bill Warnecke, confirm from the pages of the official Blizzard forum that they have decided to postpone the competitive Season 18 of their iconic hero shooter until a later date.

According to what was specified by Warnecke himself, determining the postponement of Overwatch’s new multiplayer phase was the discovery of a serious bug in matchmaking. The problem in question, reported by many shooter fans over the past few days, has heavily influenced the Skill Rating values: having noticed the bug, Blizzard’s technical support has thus deemed it appropriate to temporarily block the competitive activities of Season 18 to operate the appropriate adjustments to matchmaking.

As suggested by the same administrators of the official Blizzard forum, the timing chosen by the North American software house to announce the postponement of the new Overwatch Season was also influenced by the coincidence with the US Labor Day weekend, Labor Day.

Waiting to find out when the Competitive Season 18 starts, we remind you that from mid-August the Roles Queue is available in Overwatch and that, recently, the rumors that Blizzard would already work on the version of Overwatch for Nintendo Switch have multiplied.