PlayStation Plus: last day to download the free PS4 games of August

Playstation Plus: Rumor and Speculation on Free Games in July 2019

As planned, the leaders of Sony Interactive Entertainment are preparing for the launch of PS Plus video games in September. The offer for free PS4 games in August reserved for PlayStation Plus subscribers, therefore, is destined to end very soon.

Starting from the afternoon of Tuesday 3 September, in fact, the Instant Game Collection accessible to all those who have subscribed to a PS Plus subscription will see the entry of the free September titles, namely Darksiders 3 and Batman Arkham Knight. Consequently, from the afternoon of 3 September, it will no longer be possible to download the PS Plus games for August free of charge from the PS Store, namely the Omega Collection of the acrobatic racing arcade series Wipeout and the sniper-themed shooter ” Sniper Elite 4″.

The advice we make to all PS Plus subscribers who have not yet included the two titles in question in their digital game library, therefore, can only be to hurry to download as soon as possible the Omega Collection of Wipeout and Sniper Elite 4 before the PlayStation 4 Instant Game Collection welcomes the free PS Plus titles of September.

Finally, we remind you that there are some interesting promotions with an annual subscription to PS Plus at a discount of fewer than 50 euros and lots of games on offer for PS Plus subscribers.