The New Cryengine Trailer Rekindles Memories and Fans Speculate on Crysis Remastered

How Does Crysis Run in Ray Tracing He Shows It to Us in Digital Foundry Video

Crytek has published in these hours a trailer for version 5.6 of CryEngine, a video that has not gone unnoticed and has immediately rekindled in the memories of the fans related to Crysis, with its speculation about a possible remasters arriving in 2020.

The video opens showing sections of the game taken from Hunt Showdown, a multiplayer game released last August. The video continues with clips from other games and tech demos, including an area similar to the arenas of Ryse Son of Rome and, at 2.15, a sequence that would not look bad at all in a new Crysis.

According to some speculations, the video in question would not be completely foreign to the series and numerous easter eggs would be hidden in the trailer, starting from the file name as soon as the desktop (Prophet) is shown up to the soundtrack, which at 2:57 apparently it comes from the Crytek series.

Have the fans immediately started a series of speculations, that the material in question is actually taken from a remaster / remake of Crysis or maybe from the long-awaited Crysis 4? Hard to say, Crysis 3 (released in 2013) failed to meet the expectations of the publisher Electronic Arts and since then the series has been abandoned even after Crytek’s economic difficulties, apparently resolved in recent times.